Indigrow rejoin Finnish Greenkeepers Association 

Indigrow are delighted to have rejoined the Finnish Greenkeepers Association. The partnership reaffirms our commitment to the Scandinavian market and highlights our support for our distribution partner in the country. 

Indigrow are specialist manufactures of fertilisers and nutrients for the sportsturf market, with over 75 years’ experience of operating around the world. Covering 5 continents and over 40 countries. 

The full Indigrow product range is used throughout Scandinavia, with regular product testing taking place in the region to ensure ultimate product performance in the climactic conditions, which can be significantly different to other regions in the world where we maintain product coverage. 

Our range of products which includes organo-mineral granular fertilisers, wetting agents, bio-stimulants and our latest innovation, gel-based foliar feeds, are supplied through our distribution partner, backed up by our team of technical experts, ensuring users of our products know that they are getting quality products and advice, every time. 

For further information on our products and services, please contact us on growth@indigrow.com or visit our website:www.indigrow.com

We look forward to meeting greenkeepers and groundspersons throughout the year at FGA events.