Semillas Dalmau

SEMILLAS DALMAU is a Spanish company of family origin, founded by Jesús Dalmau Tarazona, the follower of a long and renowned saga of Valencian nurserymen since 1845. It was in 1963 when the company specialized in the production of grass and revegetation seeds, obtaining the title of Official Producer No. 42 by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture. 

SD BY DALMAU is the new company created in 2022 by the agricultural engineer Sara Dalmau, CEO of both companies.

SDBYDALMAU is specialized in the international sector of grass seeds and sods for golf courses and other sports fields as well as fertilizers for turf.

DALMAU produces seeds in different areas around the world, such as Ryegrass, Festuca and Poa in the United States and Canada, in New Zealand and in Europe, and C4 varieties such as Bermuda and Kikuyu, mainly in Arizona and Australia.

DALMAU selects the best varieties on the market at prestigious universities such as Rutgers and with the best breeders. Before production, it researches and tests, together with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, with which it has an R&D agreement, all the characteristics and advantages of each of the varieties, choosing the most competitive, those that are best adapted to each of the different climates and types of soil.

The main office is located in the center of Valencia (Spain) and the main warehouses are in Paiporta (Valencia, Spain), a town close to the city, very well communicated by air, land and sea, which makes it strategically easy to send to all customers, both national and international, to Europe, South America, North Africa, Russia, the United States and recently to the Japanese market.

Semillas Dalmau-SD BY DALMAU belongs to the Spanish, Portuguese and Finland Greenkeepers Association, and is a sponsor of the Association of European Golf Architects, as well as other associations. It is also a member of the ITS (International Turfgrass Society) and the ETP (European Society of Turfgrass sod Producers).

As a member of the International Seed Federation (ISF) and the European Seed Association (ESA), DALMAU is always committed to quality well above the minimum requirements. All seeds are certified and have certificates of analysis. The lots are carefully selected, choosing those with the highest levels of purity and germination and free of bad weeds. DALMAU is characterized by producing a large quantity of seed from 0/0 lots. With the best seeds and fertilizers, and with the right soil texture, it produces the best grass sod.

Dalmau’s human team is very good, with technical specialists, very highly qualified and with great experience in the turf market. The team is responsible for good customer service, with a great personal service to the customer and an excellent attention.

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