Suståne Natural Fertilizer Inc

Suståne natural fertilizer Inc are one of the world’s largest producers and suppliers of both organic and naturel-based fertilisers for multiple markets across the globe, based out of Minnesota, USA.

As world demand grows for more sustainably managed golf courses and natural recreational areas increases, architects, planners and regulatory authorities look for design, inputs and management practices that will produce the best possible product with the lowest environmental impact. Today we now recognize and understand that the Environment is impacted – either positively or negatively – not only by inputs and management practices at the project location, but also at the source of manufacturing of the inputs selected. We all live in One World, and it truly is a global community.

How we manage our resources and manufacturing technologies in one part of the world, ultimately affects all other neighbours in the global community one way or another.

Over 35 years ago Suståne was founded first on the basic premise of utilizing and refining renewable agricultural resources that if poorly managed, might otherwise contribute to environmental issues that would require future generations to work harder to clean up. In the 1980’s Suståne and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency established new safeguards and techniques for recycling and redistribution of natural resources in the most environmentally benign way possible. The “Suståne” process became a consciously systematic way to better manage turf and agriculture’s rotation in the Nature’s carbon cycle: The Suståne composting and manufacturing processes avoid production of serious greenhouse gasses like methane and nitrous oxide; and, utilizing Suståne products serve to augment turfgrass and other crops natural capacity to sequester and clean CO2 from our atmosphere.

The resulting green product – the new landscape, the renovated sports pitch, the expanded park, or newly opened golf course – ultimately grows into a verdant open space for all to enjoy and for generations to come. Over 35 years of applied research on Suståne natural fertilizers at over 100 universities and research facilities around the world have helped better define and understand how a new generation of organic and organic based fertilizers perform best in the growing zone; and serve to minimize any negative impact on our natural environment. Building parks, new golf courses and other recreational areas in the outdoors ultimately provides what all people long to experience: Green, healthy and sustainably managed open spaces. It is our job and our responsibility to ensure that what we create today is not only long lasting, beautiful to observe and enjoyable for all to experience …but also leaves our environment in a clean, safe and sustainable place for future generations to come.

Since 1988 new golf course, parks and sports fields built or renovated in 60 different countries worldwide have been established and maintained with Suståne® Natural Fertilizers during the initial preplant grassing, the subsequent first years of grow-in and for ongoing sustainable maintenance.

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